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Is a Therapist Right For You?

When life becomes challenging it is important to know that you're not alone. Understanding your feelings and behaviors is one of the first steps to bring positive changes to your life and to your well being. Learning new ways of being with yourself or in relationship is an important second step. That said, there is no one answer for everyone, as all of us are different and have unique needs.  A trained therapist can help you identify and explore your problem areas and find solutions that will improve the quality of your life.

Good mental health is just as important as physical health. In fact, there is a strong connection between the two! Whether you want help with a particular problem or are interested in deep personal growth and transformation, the professionals at Redlands Therapy Group are here for you.

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy can be a great help for those struggling with the private issues that can affect every part of life. The individual care and assistance provided during your confidential sessions is designed to enable you to recognize patterned behaviors and help you to understand and change your reactions and choices. The goal is always to provide you with the skills to overcome those issues that are interfering with your ability to lead a healthy and positive life. Whether your specific issue is anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or any number of other mental health issues, individual therapy can guide you through the dark places that negatively impact your life and help you accept and integrate those places where you feel stuck.

Our practice emphasizes self awareness as a way to make the choices to change existing patterns and learn to avoid the triggers that lead to poor choices and behaviors.

Family Therapy

Conflict happens in all families. When severe or long lasting, it disrupts the feelings of safety and security that are important in a healthy functioning family unit. Whether anger, betrayal, addiction, financial issues or something else is at the heart of the problem, family therapy can provide the resources necessary to navigate through the difficulties with the family as a whole while still addressing the needs of each individual. Every member is involved and encouraged to actively participate in bringing the family back together in a healthy way.

              Group Therapy

                    Group therapy is meant to provide a safe place to receive and give support in a 
                    diverse manner with input from multiple people who are all working toward the 
                    goal of well being and good mental health. Learn from the ideas of others, share 
                    similar experience and as a group move toward recognizing the patterns that 
                    lead you to the negative experiences that you are seeking to change. Group 
                    therapy supports the notion that with the proper guidance, all participants can 
                    change their focus towards more positive and healthy life choices.

Educational and Training Programs

Often we are interested in learning more about particular subjects or want to acquire in-depth skills to use in our daily lives. At RTG, we periodically offer specialized groups designed to explore specific subject areas. These include (but are not limited to) such topics as couples skills, mindfulness and awareness, stress management, dealing with trauma, women’s issues, pain management, aging and life changes and GLBTQ issues, among others. More extensive training/experiential programs for advanced students are also offered from time to time. Please contact us for more information.

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