Michael Sieck, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist,

State of California

Core Faculty Member,

Santa Barbara Graduate Institute


·        Depth Psychotherapy for most presenting problems

·        Trauma Work (Developmental and present circumstances)

·        Deep Transformational Work (Character Transformation)

·        Group Processes and Education

In addition to being the Director of Redlands Therapy Group, Dr. Sieck serves as a core faculty member at SBGI, is a certified Bioenergetic Analyst, and a supervisor for the Southern California Bioenergetic Institute. He taught graduate and undergraduate psychology courses at the University of California, Riverside and published many papers on brain-behavior relationships. Since 1974, he has been providing psychotherapy services and has published several training manuals and assessment tools. He currently combines elements of Bioenergetics, Gestalt Therapy, Jungian approaches, Object Relations and Psychodrama in his practice. He also has a strong psycho-spiritual orientation and is active in Diamond Heart Work. He presents at conferences and university functions and has extensive experience leading numerous kinds of groups. For the past nine years he has offered residential programs combining mind, body and spiritual practices.


As far back as I remember, I have been passionately interested in what it means to be human. Why do we act the way we do? Why do we treat one another and ourselves in ways that are so often painful or confusing? In my studies and personal journeys over the past 50 years, it’s become increasingly clear that we all want to live happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives – and that because of where we started, what our beliefs and learned ways of being are and even what stage of life we’re in – we follow very different paths to this. In an attempt to maximize our own lives, we struggle against the paths of others that seem to cross or block our own.

In my personal attempts to work through all this, I have spent the last 40 years studying the insights and learning the tools of many different disciplines. In the broad field of Psychology these include the cognitive-behavioral disciplines, Gestalt Therapy, Psychodrama, Neurolinguistic Programming, Focusing, Jungian Depth Psychology, EMDR, Coherence Therapy (formerly Depth Oriented Brief Therapy) and Bioenergetics. I was also trained in more biological approaches to all this and maintain an active interest in brain-behavior relationships as well.

My psychological interests and skills have also been informed and deepened by more “spiritually” oriented disciplines derived from many sources. I have studied with several spiritual teachers over the years and actively followed the writings and insights of many others. From this background I now include mindfulness training, focusing techniques, and other methods of deep inquiry in my personal work and my work with others.

Bringing this rich heritage together, I now specialize in deep, transformational work with clients by integrating psychological, somatic (body and behavior patterns) and spiritual disciplines derived from my personal and still evolving journey through life.

A caring relationship is the most important key to success in therapy and, by developing a new relationship together, you and I explore old patterns, find out how they do or don’t serve life today and how they create the symptoms and problems that brought you to therapy in the first place. Our new relationship is based on real caring, deep curiosity and compassion for the ways we either limit or allow ourselves o become more fully human.


By using many different tools and techniques for exploration in our on-going relationship, the therapy moves at an optimal speed to insure the best possible outcome in terms of time spent as well as degree of significant change produced.


I offer 50-minute sessions and the fee for each session is $140.00. Currently, I accept insurance from various carriers. For more information, please feel free to contact me by telephone at 909-798-7711, ext. 2#  or email me at

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